Research with JMM

The Joseph Moore Museum serves as a resource for students and faculty from Earlham and other institutions. Explore our online collections or contact us today to discuss how we can assist in your research.

Our collections and research are possible because of the generosity of donors.

Digitization at the JMM

Bird, Mammal and Herpetology Collections are available online.

Museums around the world are working together to make data from specimens readily available to scientists and the general public. In 2014, JMM received a three year grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to digitize our bird, mammal and herpetology collections. Some of the data in our collections are sensitive; access to the database at this time is by request only. If you are interested, please contact Collections Manager, Ann-Eliza Lewis who will be happy to provide login information for research. In 2018 we received a second IMLS grant to digitize our insect collections. 

Specimen loans

The Joseph Moore Museum welcomes visiting researchers to study our collections both independently and in cooperation with our own staff. We strive to accommodate requests for loans or exchanges of data, samples and specimens. Please review the following information in order to set up a visit and make the most of your time here at the museum. To request a tissue sample or work in the collections, provide:

  • A detailed description of your research project, including the authorizing institution.
  • For students, the name and contact information of the faculty adviser or supervising scientist. Include C.V.s for all involved. 
  • A timeline for all stages of research.
  • The estimated number and type of all specimens required.
  • A description of how the specimens from the JMM will be incorporated into the research (list of species/specimens, number needed, types of analyses, etc.). 
  • An explanation of funding available to complete the research.
  • An explanation of the plan for products of the research, including any leftover specimen, DNA, slide, samples, etc.

All inquiries should be addressed and sent electronically or via regular mail to: 

Ann-Eliza Lewis, Collections Manager
Joseph Moore Museum
801 National Rd., West
Richmond, IN 47374

JMM may require additional information before responding, please be sure to include complete contact information.


For questions about accessing digital records and/or specimen loans, please contact our collections manager, Ann-Eliza Lewis.